Feng Shui Practitioner

About Mary Moross:


Mary’s knowledge of classical Feng Shui stems from study and certification through the New England School of Feng Shui and Huazhong Normal University in Wuhan, China where she studied Residential Feng Shui and Chinese Philosophy.

Mary has lectured and taught Feng Shui at Universities and Colleges in the tri-state area through Interior Design and continuing education programs.

Mary has practiced classical Feng Shui since 2001, consulting with numerous homeowners and business clients to create environments that support their

objectives to achieve good health, happiness, and abundance.

Born and raised in Minnesota, Mary attended the Minneapolis School of Art & Design and received a BFA in sculpture from the University of Minnesota.

For over a decade, she created and designed home furnishings, which were produced for the High Point North Carolina furniture market under the Mary Moross Studios label.

Currently, Mary lives in Connecticut practicing Feng Shui, creating art and tending her gardens.

To all my Feng Shui Professors, Thank You

Mary Moross