Feng Shui Practitioner

“The first time I consulted with Mary my family had been having major health problems for over two years. I felt desperate and asked for her help. By following Mary’s suggestions, not only did our health drastically improve, but the rest of our lives felt more in balance and our home more comfortable to be in. Since then, Mary has helped with issues in my studio and with my business. She is professional, considerate, insightful and a pleasure to work with.”

Liz, Sandy Hook, CT

“I was moving into a 1970’s apartment that needed renovation. Mary’s name was recommended. She worked with me over the course of a year, giving me clarity, direction and confidence. I was not able to implement all of her guidance immediately but as I found challenges to overcome I pulled out my notes and adjusted and life flowed more easily. I am a very happy, comfortable client.”

Hilary, Winnetka, IL

“I want to thank you so much for your time and energy! Your artistic talent, design sense and Feng Shui studies have combined to form a creative vision…. I had imagined Feng Shui to consist of a long list of “rules.” Instead, I was delighted by your approach which involved suggestions along with workable solutions and alternatives….my business has picked up and I have been quite busy. I did not expect to see such immediate, tangible results from the Feng Shui consultation. What a pleasant surprise!”

Kristin, Brooklyn, NY

“The living room had always felt burdensome to the family.  No one wanted to be in that room.  We always thought it had to do with its small size, too many doors and not enough wall space, so I’d tried everything from closing up one door to buying new furniture and many different arrangements. Nothing worked.  With Mary’s guidance, we re-located the front door, and created an entrance using Feng Shui principles. Immediately the energy in the living room became alive and welcoming. The living room was now a vital part of the house and the flow of energy was palpable. So much to be grateful for.”

Raechel, Basking Ridge, NJ

Many people have been enriched by incorporating Feng Shui in their lives.  Here are a just a few additional comments that I have received from clients about my role as a practitioner in helping guide their choices.